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About Western Hog

We at Western Hog, have a passion for animals and like most reptile enthusiasts, we have
personally been involved with reptiles since childhood. We expanded into Hognose snakes after
looking for what another smaller snake variety and quickly realized that these intriguing little
snakes were a great way to go because of their smaller size, ease of handling and minimal care
required. Since we have been keeping them, we have really grown fond of their curious nature
and awesome variety of colors.

For more information, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Western Hognose Information

Hognose snakes are relatively small, stout-bodied snakes found from southern Canada through
the central United States into northern Mexico. They live in sparsely vegetated habitats on
well-drained soils, such as dry prairie or oak savanna. Their color and pattern is highly variable
from subspecies to subspecies, although most are a light sandy brown in color, with darker
brown or gray blotching. Hognose snakes get their common name from their upturned snout,
providing a "hog-like" look. This adaptation aids in digging in the soil and makes these snakes
adept burrowers, which is a useful skill when hunting or seeking refuge from the elements.
Hog-nosed snakes are considered to be "rear-fanged" colubrids, but are generally considered
harmless to humans. Being rear-fanged, they possess a set of modified teeth located far back
in the mouth that produce a mild toxin, used typically to subdue toads and small mammals.
A nip from one of these animals typically causes no more consequence than that of similar
harmless colubrids however, prolonged "chewing" may result in localized irritation, swelling,
headache, or nausea. To our knowledge, there are no known reports of any serious
envenomation from these animals.

While hognose snakes are still occasionally collected from the wild, nearly all specimens offered
for sale are of the captive bred and born variety. This provides the keeper with the best
chance of success with this species, as well as the potential for selectively bred color and
pattern variations in the future.

For more detailed information on Western hognose care and habitat click here or on The Hognose tab at the top of this page.

Thanks for visiting Western Hog!

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