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Hognose snakes are relatively small, stout-bodied snakes found from southern Canada through the central United States into northern Mexico. They live in sparsely vegetated habitats on well-drained soils, such as dry prairie or oak savanna. Their color and pattern is highly variable from subspecies to subspecies, although most are a light sandy brown in color, with darker brown or gray blotching. Hognose snakes get their common name from their upturned snout, providing a "hog-like" look. This adaptation aids in digging in the soil and makes these snakes adept burrowers, which is a useful skill when hunting or seeking refuge from the elements. Hog-nosed snakes are considered to be "rear-fanged" colubrids, but are generally considered harmless to humans.

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Tiger Conda PH Albino

Sex: Female


Striped Conda PH Albino

Sex: Female


Conda PH Albino

Sex: Male


Conda PH Albino

Sex: Male


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